Best itinerary for Serbia? Well Anyone familiar with Serbia, would know how beautiful the landscapes of this country are. If one is travelling to Serbia, every tourist destination here is worth a visit. People usually plan an itinerary in which they club Serbia with other Balkan countries, however, we recommend exploring the depth of Serbia. The best Itinerary for Serbia would need at least 6 nights. One can opt for the Serbia tour package from India as per the below itinerary. Also check – Serbia tour packages

Best itinerary for Serbia

Day 1 – Arrival At Belgrade Airport

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by your tour operator and accompanied to your hotel. Throughout the journey, you’ll start a Serbia excursion travelling by the Western Gate of Belgrade, the grand Palace of Serbia and also observe New Belgrade. You should have an authentic traditional Serbian dinner in Skadarlija, the bohemian fortitude of Belgrade with traditional music.

Day 2 -Local Belgrage tour

On this day, the first destination is the Yugoslav History Museum and then FC Red Star Stadium and the most authentic Saint Sava Temple in the morning. The other things are Slavija Square, Saint Mark’s Church, the Serbian National Parliament and White Palace, and also Republic Square, home to the National Theatre and National Museum. Other beautiful options in Belgrade are Knez Mihailo Street which is the main shopping zone. One should also visit Belgrade’s most traditional alehouse, Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress.

Day 3: On this day visit Sremski Karlovci, Novi Sad & Petrovaradin

One should also traverse Vojvodina, the Serbian northern territory. The charming landscapes and famous wine region will impress you while you will be travelling. First, you Visit Ovcar-Kablar Gorge and Sremski Karlovci and then, Novi Sad, where there is a City Hall, Catholic Church, the old city centre, the residence of Albert Einstein’s wife Mileva, the influential scientific foundation of Matica Srpska and the Petrovaradin Fortress along the bank of Danube.

Day 4: Get ready for Resava Discovery Day Tour

On this day, get ready for the Resava Discovery tour. You will get a chance to see Manasija Monastery, where the Church of Saint Trinity has positioned forward the right edge of the Resava river. Now progress to the Resava Cave, a remarkable essential building guarded by the state.

Day 5: Mokra Gora Park, Wooden Town & Zlatibor Mountain

You will move forward towards westward Serbia via the graphic Ovcar-Kablar Canyon that stretches over the Western Morava River. In the Tara National Park, you will get the chance to see the retro Sargan 8 Railway that progresses from the ground of Sargan hill to the summit in a symbol of eight.

Day 6: Tour of Uvac Natural Reserve Uvac & Sirogojno Village

On this day you should travel to Uvac Special Natural Reserve found within the ranges, Javor and Zlatar. There will be a boat ride on which you will be watching out for the prestigious Griffon vulture. Ten sail from the dam to the meanders, where you will be stopped at ice and USAC caves on the way. One will then visit the Sirogojno community popular for the ethnological gallery and prominent “Sirogojno sweaters”. In the late afternoon, on will get back to Belgrade.

Day 7: Deoarture from Serbia on this day

Departure from Serbia