India to Canada via Mexico. In the last few months after the second wave void, there was a lot of drama that took place. Countries like the USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc banned people travelling from India to their land. However, in the Last Days of August UAE have lifted the ban. Students who want to fly to their universities in Canada are the most sufferers.

Why Canada is not letting people in?

For months, direct flights from India and Canada is not operating due to the progression of the delta variant in India. Formerly, people held in India envisioned that this interdiction will be removed by time. Although, it did not happen in the last half a year.

The ban is on the RTPCR tests system from India and not on Indian nationals. Who wants to fly from India will have to take the RTPCR test negative reports from a 3rd country to become qualified to travel to Canada.

India to Canada via Mexico

Initially, Mexico was the most famous and used indirect route by the travellers to enter Canada. However, things got changed over time. Flights from India to Mexico from all major International airports are quite expensive if we see them in the month of September 2021.

If one is getting feasible flights from India to Mexico, then this route can prove to be quite convenient.

Is India to Canada via Mexico a Valid route?

It is very important to check the legitimacy and Validity of the route in these unprecedented covid times. As per our expertise and rules as of now, we understand that Mexico as an indirect route to travel to Canada from India is Valid and legitimate.

With an Indian passport, will I be allowed to enter Mexico?

Indian Passport alone is not enough to get an arrival Visa of Mexico. However, in case the traveller is having the USA or Canada’s valid visa stamp on the passport then he/she will be eligible for a Mexican on Arrival visa.

There are few things that are also required to be considered –

  • Passport should be Valid for next 6 months
  • There should be a page left for Stamping on passport

Is there any quarantine rule for Indians to enter Mexico from India?

As of 3rd Sept 2021, there is no quarantine that is to be imposed on someone travelling from India to Mexico.

Tourist Entry from India to Mexico: Allowed
Testing if travelling from India to Mexico: Required
Quarantine Required if travelling from India to Mexico:: No
Quarantine Details if travelling from India to Mexico:: Quarantine not required

Inclusions that should be in package when travelling from India to Canada via Mexico

  • Hotel Stay that should be booked in Advance
  • Airport Hotel transfers
  • RTPCR test for Onward Jounrey
  • Return airport transfers
  • Health Insurance in Mexico
  • Valid flight routes

Is it allowed to travel from Mexico to Canada in covid times?

Cases in Mexico are increasing day by day, however, Canada is having trust in Mexico’s Covid 19 testing mechanism. Travel from Mexico to Canada is allowed with any major restrictions. However, the RTPCR report is required to enter Canada even from Mexico.

What are the other indirect route alternatives to travel from India to Canada?

Though there are many experiments done by the students in the last 4 months, we are going to mention only legitimate and safe options to travel to Canada via indirect routes from India –

Are the good flight connections from Mexico to Canada?

One has to be extra conscious if flying from India to Canada via Mexico. Due to the presidential proclamation in the USA, anyone who was in India, Brazil, South Africa and most of the Schengen countries of Europe in the last 14 days is not allowed to enter or transit through the USA.

The problem here is that from Mexico to Canada 80% of the flights fly via the USA. One who is spending less than 14 days in India will not be allowed to fly Via the USA.

FLights that you cannot opt to fly from Mexico to Canada-

  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlins
  • American Airlines
  • West Jet airlines Ltd
  • Lufthansa

One can fly in Canada Airways from Mexico to Canada

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