India to Canada via Maldives.- There were many routes invented in India to travel to Canada in the last few months. Few routes proved to be super smooth initially, however, became ended up as a bummer in the later stages. Where few people are still hoping for the ban to be released, others don’t want to wait for it. They are just searching for the safest indirect route to travel to Canada.

Are there any safest indirect routes to Canada?

If someone is specifically searching for the “Safest route” to travel to Canada, there will be no answer for it. The indirect route itself is not safe. There are several risks involved in every route and those risks cannot be ignored.

However, as per our understanding of these indirect routes, we are sharing few reliable options –

  • India to Canada via Maldives
  • India to Canada via Albanai
  • India to Canada Via Ukraine
  • India to Canada via Serbia
  • India to Canada Via Mexico
  • India to Canada via Cairo

India to Canada Via Maldives

India to Canada via the Maldives is one of the most reliable indirect routes to Canada as per our understanding. The Maldives opened its doors for south Asian travellers on 15th July 2021 after almost 3 months. Since then it is becoming heaven for the people who are travelling to Canada, UAE, the USA, and Saudi Arabia. More than a thousand travellers have already travelled via this route to their final destination.

Are Un-vaccinated people allowed to travel to the Maldives from India?

There is no direct answer to this question, however, we will try to keep it in front of you in a mannered way –

  1. There is no restriction if you Enter Maldives unvaccinationed, however it usually depemds on the Island or region you are goinf to stay in.
  2. As per maldivian govt, unvaccinated travellers are only allowed to stay in an inhabitied island if 60% of the people in Island are already vaccinated.
  3. In all Island resorts of Maldives,where there is no local inhabilited population all tourists can stay irrespective of their vaccination status 🙂

Can one stay in any Hotel/resort, while travelling from India to Canada via Maldives

No, it is no the case. One cannot stay in a hotel/resort in the Maldives. It has to be govt approved otherwise it will be a big issue while at the time immigration.

Maldivian govt officials are updating the sheets on a time to time basis. As per the latest updates, these hotels/resorts are approved in the Maldives to stay for Indians. However, we would suggest each and every one of you check the latest sheet on the official website.

Can people with CoVaxin doses stay on an Island where unvaccinated people are not allowed yet?

On most of the Islands, people with Co-vaxin doses are treated Unvaccinated. We urge our readers to check with particular Hotels you are booking with before paying for it otherwise it can be an issue at the last moment 🙂

Do I need a return ticket from Maldives to India, while travelling from India to Canada Via Maldives?

Well, to understand this logic we will have to understand the Air bubble agreement guidelines. This is not the requirement of Maldives immigration or even Indian immigration. It is the requirement of Airlines. To abide by the guidelines of the Air Bubble agreement, airlines are bound to check the return et tickets of travellers even if one is having a direct e-ticket to Canada.

There is an article that explains why a return e-ticket is required even if you have onward tickets

Should one book 3rd country itinerary with travel agency or do it on their own ?

If one has time and is confident on arranging travel on their own then there is nothing better. There are few small points that is required to be taken care of for every route, a through study on rules and regulations is required to make this travel successful.

As per our research, in market there are few travel companies that are booking for indirect routes to travel to Canada –

  • Lestacworld/Lestacindia – They are emerging travel company specifically working on indirect travel routes with clarity
  • – They are a travel company working on Visa’s, Holidays and indirect routes
  • Akbar travels – They are a known brand and is working on indirect travels
  • Thomas cook – They are a known name in market, doing indirect route bookings

What are the Forms that are required to be filled by Indians while travelling to Maldives for vacations ?

1)Health Declaration form at Maldives IMUGA portal . Health declaration needs to be filled at-least 24 hours before departing from India and also 24 hours before returning back to India.

Is Insurance mandatory to travel to Maldives ?

In light of this announcement effective Tuesday 2 March 2021, it is recommended for all guests checking in to the resorts/hotels to have a valid travel insurance document stating that all quarantine costs associated with a positive Covid-19 result will be covered by the insurance for all guests.
(One can check the recommended policy cover by resorts here : )