Best Valid 3rd country indirect routes from India to Canada – For months, direct flights between India and Canada was not operating due to the emergence of the delta variant in India. Initially, people stuck in India waited with the hope that this ban will be released by the time. However, even after Ban was released, they didn’t get relief in finding the best flight options.

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The ban was actually on RTPCR test reports from India and not on Indian nationalities. One cannot take the RTPCR test negative reports from India to Canada so they will have to get tested from a 3rd country other than India and Canada. Now one can only fly from Delhi India in a direct flight. This made direct flights too expensive and pushed travellers to still via an indirect route.

However, People stranded in India found their way to Canada via indirect routes. In the past 2 months, thousands of students went to Canada via these 3rd countries. Also, read Safest indirect route to Canada

What are the best indirect routes to travel to Canada?

The best Feasible routes are a matter of time. Things in the past have changed so rapidly that the routes which were looking best turned into nightmares due to changes in govt policies 🙂

To know more about the best indirect routes to travel to Canada one will have to understand the recent incidences 🙂

India to Canada via Serbia.– Things were going quite awesome for the students and work visa holders who were travelling to Canada via Serbia. The country is beautiful with awesome weather, infrastructure and people. There were good flight connections coming from coming to India to Serbia and Serbia to Canada. Both travellers and people of the hospitality industry in Serbia were quite happy.

Suddenly on 11 July, the Serbian govt came up with the news that there will be 7 days hotel quarantine imposed for the people who are coming from India to Serbia. Few people got stuck at Serbian airport, the Indian embassy came to rescue and things got settled. Because of this quarantine rule hopes got shattered, people had to bear losses, bookings were cancelled. However few travelled even after the quarantine was imposed.

India to Canada via Doha, Qatar. – On the 11th the Serbian quarantine rule was imposed and on the 13th of July Qatar opened its gate for Indians. The whole crowd diverted to this route. Things looked good, the flight connections were there, good hotels were there. Students and work visa holders actually travelled in good numbers from India to Canada via Qatar. However, How could the Qatar govt shatter its hard-earned Fifa world cup 2022 dream. Covid cases in Qatar started increasing and the local public was not happy with that. This forced Qatar to impose 10 days quarantine rule on people flying from India and 6 other east Asian countries.

Also, they imposed a rule as per which quarantine Hotels can only be booked by their official website “.Discover Qatar”. It made the package too expensive.

India to Canada via the Maldives.- From 15th July, the Maldives opened its gates for Indians. However, there was a clause that only Island resorts will be opened for travellers from India or other south Asian countries. Many people started travelling either from Qatar or from the Maldives. Around 27th July Maldives also allowed south Asians to enter the local inhabited islands based on the vaccination status. The Maldives has still not imposed any quarantine rule on south Asians as of 22 August. However, the route is so popular among Indians that everyone who wants to travel to the USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia is travelling from here. Availabilities in the Maldives is possibly the most discouraging factor in choosing this route.

Best Possible Indirect routes from India to Canada

  • India to Canada via Albania
  • India to Canada via Mexico
  • India to Canada via Serbia
  • India to Canada via Moscow
  • India to Canada via Sri Lanka
  • India to Canada via Ukraine
  • India to Canada Via Egypt
  • India to Canada Via Maldives
  • India to Canada via Paris (For Canadian Citizens)

Risks involved while choosing any Indirect route from India to Canada

  • Cancellations due to change in govt policies
  • if not carefull, one can get contracted with Covid 19
  • Due to delay or Cancellation of 1 flight, the whole itinerary can be ruined
  • People around the world are shying away from some one travelling from India due to Delta variant, might lead off behaviour in a3rd country
  • Change in flights itineraries
  • Dynamic Visa policies can lead to mess
  • TransitDynamic transit and layover policies

How Important is the Insurance policy to travel via indirect route and from where one should buy it ?

Insurance policy for most of the countries in the Covid times is mandatory. Even if it is not mandatory one should not forget to buy it. In case you will get any medical emergency, flight delays or misplaced baggage or passport then an Insurance policy could the biggest saviour of yours 🙂

From where one should buy an insurance policy?

One should be fully aware of the inclusions before buying any insurance policy for 3rd country travel. We have seen people taking it lightly or just as a formality. However it should be taken seriously, one should be aware of the rights, claim procedure, the sum insured and things covered in it.

It is very important to get in touch with the expert for it, as per our recommendation Policy Bazaar can be one of the options. You just need to put a query and you will start getting calls. These agents are quite equipped with the knowledge and might help you understand your policy.

When should we expect Canada to release Ban on RTPCR test from cities other than Delhi in India ?

Some questions don’t have any answers and one should stop asking everyone about them. Now Omicron virus is making it more difficult, the situation in Covid is so unpredictable that there might or might not be a further extension of bans.

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